Polar Explorers Accept Glowing Products and Thermosocks for Testing

Members of this year's scientific expedition to Antarctica personally received products from the company SCILIF s.r.o., which will be used to test the SUNFIBRE technology, a unique system of lighting using optical fibers. Protection against adverse conditions for polar explorers will be provided by Svarog socks from NORTHMAN OUTDOOR.

27 Nov 2023

Participants of this year's scientific expedition with products from SCILIF s.r.o. and thermal socks from NORTHMAN OUTDOOR s.r.o.

Since 2017, a total of 23 products have been tested at the Czech scientific station J. G. Mendel in Antarctica, with over 170 tests conducted, resulting in a total of 11 licenses granted for the use of the trademark "Tested in Antarctica." Consumer testing will continue in 2024, making it possible for manufacturers to receive yet more valuable feedback from the polar explorers.

The SUNFIBRE technology is among the world's best active lighting technologies. "This year, we successfully tested the product for flame resistance, allowing firefighters to use glowing products even for indoor applications. Since we have conquered heat already, let's try testing it in the cold and extreme conditions of Antarctica. We aim to expose the technology to, for example, the white darkness, test the suitability of colored lighting, and explore the user-friendliness of controlling the product itself," explains Tereza Budská, Account Manager at SCILIF s.r.o.

Tereza Budská from SCILIF s.r.o. is assisting expedition members with testing the correct usage of the products.
Svarog socks from NORTHMAN OUTDOOR s.r.o., ready for testing.

In addition to the SUNFIBRE technology, researchers will be equipped with the NORTHMAN thermal socks. "When we were given the opportunity to test products in Antarctica, we were immediately intrigued by the chance to verify the exceptional durability and performance of our product under extreme conditions. Thanks to the merino wool content, Svarog socks provide an ideal balance of foot thermoregulation depending on the load, with moisture-wicking capabilities. Testing our top product in the inhospitable conditions of Antarctica is a unique opportunity for us," states Adam Jendřejek, Brand Manager at NORTHMAN OUTDOOR s.r.o.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, the polar explorers will be testing the G-HEATEX technology, which will be used in heated cases for laptops, tablets, GPS devices, and power banks. The products are currently being manufactured, and will be supplied by the Swedish company GRAFREN AB.

For seven years, the Center for Technology Transfer has been facilitating testing for a broad portfolio of products in the challenging conditions of Antarctica, striving to earn the coveted Tested in Antarctica seal. This trademark not only serves as a confirmation of quality but also enables products to gain a competitive advantage.

You can learn more about the unique SUNFIBRE technology, exceptional features of the Svarog socks, and the innovative G-HEATEX technology in the articles we are preparing.

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