Masaryk University expedition returned from the Antarctica with the user tests

The 20th scientific expedition safely returned to the Czech Republic at the weekend. Among other things, it continued to test technology and products that are applying for a license to use the trademark Tested in Antarctica.


Have Your Products Tested in Antarctica and Get a Special Trademark

Strong, gusty wind which often changes direction and speed and carries a lot of sand, grit and salt. Rapid changes in temperature which can easily go from +5°C to -35°C. Strong UV radiation.  These are some of the extreme conditions materials are exposed to in Antarctica. The icy continent gives these materials a really hard time.

At the same time, we’re concerned about the impact of human activity on the Antarctic environment and want to minimize it as much as possible. Across all Antarctic stations under the flags of 30 different countries, there is a strong interest in more efficient, cheaper and cleaner technologies in the fields of measuring, logistics, renewable sources of energy, communications and waste management. Antarctica is the last continent which remains relatively untouched by human activity. Nature is still in charge here...

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